El Vaporcito


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Timetable: Lunes a Domingos de 13:00 h. a 00:00 h.

Telephone Number: 627 73 01 41

Where is it located?

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El Vaporcito

El Vaporcito is a typical tapas bar, with a traditional and at the same time innovative gastronomic approach, with an extensive menu of tapas, such as montaditos of all kinds, croquettes, ensaladillas, rice dishes, meats, salmorejos...at prices ranging from 2 to 3€.

Special mention should be made of their characteristic frying pans, such as the one with eggs and potatoes, caramelised onion and goat's curl, a real pleasure for the palate.

El Vaporcito is characterised by its decoration around a small steamboat, and by the personal and friendly service of its waiters, where in addition to its prized tapas, you can also enjoy coffees and snacks.


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