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Timetable: Cerrado Lunes, de Martes a Domingo: de 13 a 17h y de 20 a 00h

Telephone Number: 634 063 991


Where is it located?


Thousand Island is a Filipino restaurant, where you can enjoy a variety of dishes cooked fresh and live. 

If you like quality, fresh food, this is the place for you. With a wide variety of international dishes ranging from pizzas and sandwiches to Filipino vegetable rolls.

Destacamos de su carta, el arroz especial, una mezcla exquisita y cocinado al punto, el pollo Saté servido hirviendo, los tallarines filipinos, con las verduras más frescas, sus pizzas recién horneadas.

All served with the best of smiles and a treatment as exquisite as the dishes.

If you try it, you come back.