Bocados de felicidad

Timetable: L a D de 9 a 00h.

Telephone Number: 956 560 354



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100 Montaditos has become a gastronomic experience to share with friends and family. Enjoying our menu is a fun way to eat and have a great time.

To speak of 100 Montaditos is to speak of a unique product in which quality and originality are the hallmarks of the house. One of the keys to the success of the menu is the bread, a unique bread, with a patented recipe, which is baked at the time the customer places the order. A traditional type of bread, which is always served warm and crusty, made with our exclusive formula at a great price.
The 100 varieties of ingredients are undoubtedly another secret of the brand's success.

From the moment your name sounds over the public address system, it's all surprises and happy snacks. Coming to 100 Montaditos is fun. The large number of options means that the ritual of choosing your order has become a classic among consumers in Spain and around the world.