Thousand Islands


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Lunes: De 13:00h. a 18:00h.
De Martes a Domingo: De 13:00h. a 00:00h.

Telephone Number: 634 063 991

Where is it located?

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Thousand Islands

Thousand Island is a Filipino restaurant, where you can enjoy a variety of dishes cooked fresh and live. 

If you like quality, fresh food, this is the place for you. With a wide variety of international dishes ranging from pizzas and sandwiches to Filipino vegetable rolls.

Highlights of their menu include the special rice, an exquisite mixture cooked to perfection, the Saté chicken served boiling hot, the Filipino noodles, with the freshest vegetables, their freshly baked pizzas ...

All served with the best of smiles and a treatment as exquisite as the dishes.

If you try it, you come back.


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