Cash Fresh


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Timetable: Monday to Saturday from 09:00 h. to 21:30 h.

Telephone Number: 955 463 015

Customer service:

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CASH FRESH is a shop model that promotes family savings with very competitive prices, adjusted to all kinds of pockets without sacrificing the quality of the products. For several years, we have been chosen by the OCU as the cheapest regional chain in Spain, and we are still the cheapest in brands and own brands.

Fresh quality products, such as meats, fish, artisan breads and seasonal vegetables are the main protagonists, with large sections staffed by professional experts.

We have almost 60 shops in Andalusia and Extremadura, all of them designed to offer a comfortable shopping experience for our customers as they are equipped with home delivery service, wide aisles, extensive shopping hours and a wide selection of leading brands and local products.


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