Nissan Dealer


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Timetable: Lunes a Viernes de 10:00 h. a 14:00h y de 17:00h a 20:30h

Sábado de 10:00h. a 14:00h. 

Telephone Number: 956 20 45 25 / 626 795 256


Where is it located?

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Nissan Dealer

Nissan is the brand with the widest range of products on the market: passenger cars, crossovers, off-road, vans and industrial vehicles. Only in a large facility like ours can you see our full range of products, equipment, options and colours.

Our company has adapted to the new demands of the market. For this reason, we comply with the strictest standards of Quality and Environment, carrying its vocation for excellence in the treatment of its customers and its personalised attention.

We are characterised by the permanent reinvestment of profits in our own activity, with the aim of being able to serve our clients, trying to obtain excellence in our processes and with the objective of generating greater wealth in our environment.


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