Opel Dealer


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Timetable: Lunes a Viernes de 10:00 h. a 13:30 h. y de 17:00 h. a 20:30 h.

Sábado de 10:00 h. a 13:30h.

Telephone Number: 956 75 00 97

Where is it located?

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OPEL Leader

Opel's origins go back more than a century. A history of more than 110 years of anticipating the future with passion, energy and confidence.

"Wir leben Autos" (literally, "We live Autos") not only alludes to our roots and our German engineering, it also expresses the emotion and passion that drive our work.

The word "Wir" ("We") communicates our enthusiasm and "can-do" attitude. A spirit that enables us to develop intelligent, surprising and innovative products for our customers.

We don't just make cars, we live for cars - the word "Leben" ("We live") reflects the energy felt by everyone in whose life there is an Opel. A character that is palpable in our solutions, in intelligent innovations or simply in the attractive, contemporary design of our cars.

We believe that in the future, too, "Cars" will mean much more than just a means of transport. Opel cars are not only driven, they are also an essential part of life. At Opel, we add our personal experiences to those of our customers to make their daily mobility easier and more rewarding. We never stop looking for new ways to positively influence people's lives through their contact with the Opel brand.