Concesionarios Kia


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Lunes a Viernes: De 10:00 a 14:00 y de 17:00 a 20:30

Sábados: De 10:30 a 13:30

Telephone Number: 956 77 37 43


Where is it located?

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KIA Leader

Kia began operating in Spain in 1992, since then it has gradually managed to carve out a niche for itself in the Spanish market thanks to continuous growth and breaking records month after month.

Kia Motors España was created as an independent company, being acquired in 2003 by the parent company and renamed Kia Motors Iberia.
Sales of Kia vehicles in Spain are the highest in the European market on more and more occasions; therefore, the long-term objective is to continue and improve the growth and sales strategy, in line with the strategy of making the Kia Group one of the top five global manufacturers.

The range of Kia vehicles in Spain is constantly growing, launching new models and completing the current range with new versions and engines, with customers being able to choose the one that best suits their needs from among all the possible options.


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