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In MGI Shops we have all the items you can imagine at 10€. Toys, garden, beach, home, household, household goods, forge, appliances? All our incredible items at the price of 10 € and we are not crazy!

Do you need something for your home? Do you need an appliance? Do you need kitchenware for your kitchen? In Tiendas MGI you will find everything you need at an unbeatable price.

And now also a great selection of items at €15 and €20.

TIENDAS MGI ensures that these articles can reach the end customer by applying several principles: - High purchase volume, which makes the product cheaper, as the greater the quantity, the lower the price offered by the manufacturer. - Disappearance of intermediaries, the fewer the intermediaries, the lower the marketing cost. - High turnover of the product, as the price is very attractive, the products are sold more quickly, generating greater volume. - Low commercial margin, adapting to the current market situation. - Cost control, spending less on everything that does not directly affect the product or the client. Control of expenditure on advertising, real estate, furniture, etc?

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